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Software Integration

Our fully-integrated software system, Connect™, will provide your city with a completely automated payment system for taking payments online and process them instantly.

Personal Client Manager

Our goal at The Payment Group is to build long-term relationships with our clients. Every client at The Payment Group has their own Personal Client Manager to guide them through the process of setting up accounts, handling refunds or overpayments and answering questions.

Multilingual Customer Service Representatives

Our in-house Customer Service Representatives are multilingual in order to provide non-English speaking customers with top-notch support.

Outstanding Customer Support

Our Reputation in the industry for outstanding customer service is rivaled by none. The team at The Payment Group is here to answer any questions that our clients may have and will guide you through any issues.

Robust IT Department

Our in-house IT department is made up of industry leaders with over 25 years of experience in payment processing and information technology. Their knowledge allows us to seamlessly integrate municipal systems with The Payment Group database.

No Cost/More Revenue

We provide our service at no charge to our clients. Save time with online payments, cut costs, and generate more revenue.

Never Miss a Payment

Our system is fully automated, secure, and always online.

The Payment Group’s fully integrated payment processing system has changed the way municipal courts accept payments. By switching to our automated online payment system, municipal governments have seen an increase in revenue while clerks have seen a decrease in court traffic, dockets and stress. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s FREE to use?

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Our  Connect™ software  is currently integrated with many court record management systems including one of the nation’s largest municipal software products.  Ask us about integrating with your court management software to save you time processing payments and updating your records.

Traffic Payment The Payment Group

Partnered with the best

Developing relationships nationwide

Get started with The Payment Group today.

NO costs or fees to the courts

NO merchant account

Multilingual call center for payments

Software integration & support

Simple integration into court management software

Real-time transaction processing 24/7

Ability to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Reduced court’s administrative handling of payments

Reduced incoming calls from violators

Convenience for defendants

Higher collection rates on citations

Fast, secure, user-friendly website

Real-time online reports on payment activity

Streamlined exchange of citation and payment data between your institution and The Payment Group

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