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You’d have to be an alien to think that today’s transactions are only handled in person and with cash or checks. Thanks to the internet and mobile technology, we can purchase items or make payments without ever having to go anywhere and now we can take care of our business from anywhere (as long as we have a connection.) The shift to doing business from home or the office via a desktop, to buying stuff whenever and wherever we are with a mobile device, is happening a lot faster than we think.

The proof is not only all around us but it’s clearly in the stats. And at The Payment Group, we love stats. Thanks to Google Analytics businesses everywhere can use the stats relating to their sales to learn more about buying habits and then tweak their business to make the most of those trends. What did The Payment Group learn from our stats? We are going to blog out those revelations over the next few weeks and it promises to be quite fascinating!

One of the most remarkable developments over the last few years has been the availability of types of devices that are used to access the Internet. We all started with those bulky desktops and high towers to “surf the net.” Today, the web is viewed on Smartphones and Tablets. I don’t even own a desktop or use one at home or my office. Well, the same holds true for many of those who make payments through our online service.

Our stats for this analysis are from 2013 through year-to-date 2015. We learned that there’s around a 10% decrease each year of payments made on a desktop and a correlating increase on mobile devices of the same degree each year. Interestingly, the Tablet payments have remained at a stable, yet somewhat paltry amount of just 6 percent each year. (See chart below)

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.40.52 PM

The Payment Group has just launched our New “Mobile Website” that renders to any mobile device so that users don’t have to resize their screen to enter their information. This is good news for those making payments on their mobile devices. And just who are making these payments? Google knows. Check our upcoming blogs to learn just what those stats reveal.

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